Like ‘da Fish

Northeast PA’s #1 Dive Center

Grade E Air Fills

Like ‘da Fish, provided clean dry air, meeting the requirement of OSHA and CGA for Grade E breathing air.

Our breathing air compressor is tested quarterly as required by NFPA, to ensure the highest quality breathing air.

YES we offer NITROX

Annual Visual Cylinder Inspection

DOT, CGA, and cylinder manufacturers have specific requirements for visual inspection of dive cylinders.

Proper inspection and service of cylinders takes time, as such our Staff will never compromise quality for to redcue price or service time.

Call to schedule your annual cylinder inspections

Regulator Service

Dive equipment manufactures varying pricing on service kits and parts, makes it impossible to provide pricing that will cover all the different possibilities.

So instead, let us offer that we provide quality service first.

We are not cheaper or faster!

Did you really want fast, cheap service for your life safety equipment?

No Walk in Service!

Call to schedule service and obtain an estimate for your equipment service.

We cannot service brands that we do not sell.




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